Readiness Assessment for
 Developing and Integrating an
Embedded Performer Support Strategy

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Stategy Maze
We already have a TRAINING strategy, WHY EPS?
Do you... The Gaps...
...train your workers like you did
 2-to-10 years ago?
Even the best training suffers knowledge retention loss of over 80% in less than a month, further decreasing training effectiveness ...especially @ the point of work
...see continuous demand for flawless performance challenging your workforce? Tangible business risk, legal liability, missed revenue opportunities, and potential for loss are tied directly to flawed performance then ever before,
   ...especially @ the point of work
...sense a continuously increasing velocity & volume of work on a leaner workforce? The urgency to perform flawlessly is outpacing the capacity of the workforce to deliver maximum results
   ...especially @ the point of work
...experience change in the workplace
 as a continuous source of challenge?
The demand for workforce agility, resliliency, & workforce capacity requires a level of responsiveness that traditional training methods were never designed to address,
   ...especially @ the point of work
If you can answer YES to any of these questions...your strategy is not optimized to meet the demands of driving workforce effectiveness in the Post-Training Work Environment.

An Embedded Performer Support [EPS] Strategy
Addresses All
Includes Training and...
Extends into The Work Context

Moments of Need Moments 1 & 2 represent Training efforts whether in the classroom, distance learning, self-paced, or a blend of all the above.

Where we fall short...and where training was never intended to go... is into the work context where our workforce spends 95% of their time @ the point of work.

Moments 3 thru 5 represent the EPS Solution targeting the Moment of APPLY [#3] .

All bottom-line, tangible business risks manifest within these last 3 moments of need.

An EPS Readiness Assessment  produces a map to an evolved strategy that integrates
Learning AND Performer Support continuously available to ensure flawless performance by your company's workforce @ the point of work.


Equipping our workforce
to perform by effectively transferring knowledge
[a.k.a. TRAINING]
 using traditional methods cannot keep pace with the increasing velocity and continuous demands
of the work environment.

Training content was never designed nor intended for role-specific, task-centric application in the post-training work context.

The ability to learn is rapidly converging with
 the point of work and has become a continuous business requirement.

Real business value is either generated or lost
@ the point of work.
It is no longer about how well we train our workforce...

Insanity's about how well they perform when they finish.

Performer Support

 at the Moment of Need & @ the point of work
Training by itself...

...cannot enable


...cannot build in

...cannot create

...nor sustain

Supporting Performers during those last three moments of need must become as strategic as the traditions of training moments


  • Engage Human Performance Outfitters to complete an  Embedded Performer Support Readiness Assessment [EPSRA]
  • The scope of an EPSRA is determined after initial discovery conversation* & alignment with leadership to define:
    • Level of organizational commitment to the effort
    • Areas of challenge identified and prioritized for assessment

* Initial discovery consultation at no cost

  • The EPSRA is accomplished upon initial leadership alignment interviews and discovery that includes assessment of:
    • Current Learning Opportunities and engagement
    • Work context integration
    • Learning continuum compatibility
    • Effectiveness & impact measurement
    • Collaboration & social media foorprint
    • Technology footprint, Mobility integration & utilization
  • The RA output provides an EPS Strategy Roadmap that identifies readiness gaps and offers recommendations to enable alignment with business strategy and mission priorities.
  • The Road Map supports the process of planning and prioritization of buiness critical initiatives for targeted implementation of an EPS Strategy ranging from:
    • Cultural Change implications
    • Introduction of agile design & development methodologies
    • Integration of new EPS technology 

EPS Technology Options...

 New Web 2.0 technology has opened an exciting and economical door to businesses of all sizes that offers low cost-of-entry to effectively combat the effects of learning converging with actual work. With the flood of new EPS vendors popping up in the market, it is essential for an organization to understand what is required to fully embrace an EPS strategy that is greater than the technology chosen.

Human Performance Outfitters [HPO] has experience working with several top EPS vendors and sees an EPSRA as an essential first step to accurately map the scope of workforce requirements for both Learning and Performer Support. Not all EPS technology is as capable as the next, and defining orgainizational requirements are critical.

We are looking for a BETA client or two now.

Engagement Options...

  • Direct Consulting - (We give you the fish)...intervention start-to-finish through exclusive use of HPO resources. 
  • Guide/Coach - (We teach you to fish)...use HPO as an outfitter to collaborate with your own internal resources to equip them with tools and techniques to accomplish much of the data gathering. Joint data evaluation through an Action Learning approach leads to a prioritized recommendation.
    • This approach enables the organization to continually reassess learning & performer support readiness using in-house resources as business strategy evolves, and enables re-use the tools and techniques identified in the initial RA effort.
  • Cost Investment - Negotiated based on size of the business and who actually does the fishing.  

HPO welcomes your inquiries regarding this important first step!

Contact us today by clicking here
Call Gary Wise, Principal EPS Solution Strategist  @ (317) 437-2555

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